Suzdal is truly the gem of the Golden Ring. It looks like the Russian fairytale town frozen in time. Once mighty capital of a principality and a rich merchant town, Suzdal later lost its importance and virtually stopped its development remaining pretty much like it was a few centuries ago.

Suzdal was first mentioned under year 1024 in the Russian Primary Chronicle one of the earliest compilations of the Russian history that survived up to our days. But there is no doubt that the town existed long before that time and together with Rostov is one of the oldest urban centres in the area. After being absorbed by Moscow principality in 14 century, Suzdal ceased to be politically important still remaining big merchant and religious centre. As a result 11 large monasteries where constructed there 5 of them are still adorning the city view. There are 200 historical monuments altogether in the town of 12 thousand people making it truly unique. Suzdal\'s decline came in 19 century, when the newly constructed railroad bypassed the city.

Due to its preservation and unique ambiance in the Soviet time Suzdal became the main tourist destination of the Golden Ring. It remains so nowadays, being very popular among both foreign and local visitors.

Uniqueness of Suzdal made it the perfect film set. Scores of popular Russian historical drama movies where filmed in Suzdal most famous of them are “Andrey Rublev” by Tarkovsky and recent “The Tzar” by Lungin. Suzdal is also one of the places where traditional Russian medovukha (mead or honey wine) is made.