RUSSIA is an immense, multiform and unique country. Sitting on two continents this giant country impresses by its dimensions, its astonishing diversity, high spirituality, and the resplendence of its culture.

These outstanding features are stipulated by an ability of the Russian culture to freely perceive, and constructively remake the best other cultures can offer while preserving its original distinguished essence. The unbounded dimensions of the country, the riches of its natural resources made a great impact upon the Russian national character and culture. The boundless spaciousness of the land, and the breadth of the Russian national character can well be the reason of why a Russian soul was often called mysterious, far from any logical explanation, and the country was believed to bear an exclusive historical mission.

The travelers from abroad who aim to understand the reasons and the essence of the changes taking place in Russia at present often mention these national peculiarities.
It’s because of this that we should like to state our professional position in the first place. Being an inbound travel agency we are doing our best to help our guests to form a full and unbiased idea of our country on its historical scale, to get a perception of the best in its culture, traditions and national character. This is in no way nationalism, or a wish to hide any unsightly sides of our life but a true pride in the history, sciences, literature, music, painting, and choreography of the country that gave to the world a galaxy of the great names.  
Although Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most often visited cities of Russia they are not all Russia. Considering the growing interest in expanding the travel zones of our country “Comintour” is steadily working at diversifying and increasing the number of destinations offered to our clients.

Owing to this approach the guests get a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the monuments of the ancient Russian icon painting and wooden architecture, to enjoy a patriarchal attraction of the old provincial towns as well as the scale of “the great communist constructions”.

Nowadays along with the "traditional destinations" for group and individual tourists "Comintour" offers a wide range of itineraries and ideas for business travelers, participants of exhibitions and congresses, members o special and incentive groups.
When outlining these programs “Comintour” always consider the opinion of its partners and the remarks done by tourists, and follows their recommendations. All this enables us to make any itinerary absolutely flexible, which is a guarantee of its successful business cooperation.