The town of Divnogorsk is situated within 40 km southeast of Krasnoyarsk. It originated as a settlement built for the constructors of the Krasnoyarskaya Hydro Power Station in 1957.

The fabulously picturesque Sayan Mountains account for the name of the town - Divnogorsk means ‘wonderful mountains’. The town was designed as a staircase  with the steps formed by green terraces descending to the Yenisey bank. The modern town is one of the most picturesque towns known for its impeccable ecology.

The construction of the Power Station began in 1959, and completed by 1971. The assembly of the Hydro Station includes the dam, the building of the Station and the unique sloping ship elevators. This Station produces 6 mln kw, and is the 2nd powerful station of the country. The height of the dam is 124 m, the large water reservoir is 380 km long, and occupies 2000 sq.m.