Literary Saint Petersburg


6 Days / 5 Nights

Whether you are a seasoned globetrotter or are on your first odyssey, this tour will cover all possible points and aspects of your interest to the Russian literature and the city that was the home and the source of inspiration for many Russian writers and poets.

The design of the program gives a good opportunity to visit places the writers and their famous characters used to visit, to walk along the streets and canals of the city regarded not only as one of the world’s architectural masterpieces but as a “holy city” in the history of Russia as well.

Program of the tour:


Arrival to St. Petersburg. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Sightseeing tour of the city’s highlights. Dinner at a city restaurant.

Day 2

Breakfast. The tour of the city’s area, which was a setting for much of Dostoevsky’s tragedies, including the Kuznechny farmer’s market, one of St.Petersburg’s oldest and most popular. Visit to the Dostoevsky House, which is in the flat, where the writer spent his last years. Ride by metro to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery where Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky and many other celebrated Russian writers and composers were buried. Dinner at the Literaturnoe (Russian for literary) café, which was a popular meeting place for many Russian celebrities.

Day 3

Breakfast. Trip to Pushkin, the former summer residence of the Russian Tsars. Known also as Tsarskoye Selo (Russian for “village of the tsars”), this place is closely connected with the life of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the founder of the Russian literature and literary language. Visit to the Lycee (opened 1811), where the poet studied and wrote his first poems. Visit to the Kitaeva house, where Pushkin and his wife Natalie spent the first year after their move from Moscow. A walk through a romantic park glorified by Pushkin. Lunch in a stylish Russian restaurant. Return to St. Petersburg to visit Pushkin Museum, the last poet’s apartment on the Moyka River. It was here that he started writing his masterpiece Yevgeny Onegin and that he died following his duel with Georges d’Anthes, who was apparently having an affair with his wife.

Day 4

Breakfast. Trip to Novgorod. During a 3-hour ride the guide will acquaint the guests with a thousand year-history of the city, which is one of the four Russia’s oldest. Arrival to Novgorod. Check-in. Lunch in a downtown restaurant. Sightseeing tour of the city including the Kremlin and the Cathedral of St. Sophia. Trip to the Yuriev Monastery by the Ilmen Lake. Visit to the open air museum of the wooden architecture. Dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast. Departure to Staraya Russa (90 km away from), known as the place where Dostoevsky used to live in summer from 1872 to 1880. It was in Staraya Russa that he wrote The Brothers Karamazov. The house, in which the writer’s original belongings and documents are displayed, is still standing on the bank of the Pererytitsa river. Visits to the Dostoevsky Museum and the Church of St. George. Return to Novgorod. Lunch at a downtown restaurant. Departure to St. Petersburg. Check-in. Dinner.

Day 6

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure.


The price of the tour is quoted by request.