Three Centuries of Romanov Dynasty

 (Ekaterinburg / Moscow / Kostroma / Yaroslavl / St.Petersburg)


12 Days / 11 Nights

For three centuries Romanov dynasty ruled Russia, turning it from relatively backward mid-sized state into one of the biggest and most powerful empires in the world's history. During reign of Romanovs Russia was reformed from a civilization on its own into an European state and had become very much involved into cultural and political life of Europe. At the time of Romanovs many European artisans, craftsmen, people of art and military commanders had settled in Russia making it a second home. The wealth of the Russian emperors and lavishness of their court was made a proverb. Their palaces and parks, their museums and theatres still inspire owe.

The last Romanov Tzars saw the end of the empire and paid their lives for that. The whole family of the last emperor Nicolas II was executed in 1918 on the orders of the revolutionary Soviet authorities.

During this tour we visit most important places connected to the history of the dynasty from their family nest in the ancient town of Kostroma to the Nicolas II's family execution spot in Ekaterinburg and their burial ground in their favorite beautiful capital city Saint Petersburg where the remains of the last emperor and his family have also eventually found their final rest. Travelling along this route you will get better insight into the reasons behind the rise and fall of the last Russian royal dynasty.

Program of the tour:

Day 1

Arrival to Ekaterinburg. Transfer to the hotel assisted by a guide. Check-in. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2

Buffet breakfast. General sightseeing tour of the city. Visit to the Museum of the Urals Minerals. Visiting a market of the Ural souvenirs. Lunch at a Russian cuisine restaurant. Visiting the geographical borderline between Europe and Asia accomplished by a glass of Champagne to mark the event. Return to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3

Buffet breakfast. The tour of the sights associated with massacre of Nicolas II and his family: the Temple on the-Spilt Blood erected on the grounds of the house, where the Romanovs spent their last days and the Monastery built nearby the burial ground of the last Tsar Family in Ganina Yama. Visit to the unique sloping Tower built for the Demidov Urals manufacturers in the 18th century.  Lunch at the Russian izba (wooden house) restaurant in the village of Tavolga. Visiting the pottery workshops and the souvenir market. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 4

Buffet breakfast. Transfer to the airport for departure to Moscow. Arrival in Moscow. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 5

Buffet breakfast. Sightseeing tour of the city including the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Lunch at a city restaurant. Trip to Kolomenskoye. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 6

Buffet breakfast. Time at leisure. Lunch at a city restaurant. The tour of the Kremlin (Cathedrals and the Armory Chamber). Dinner at the hotel. Transfer to the train station. The overnight train to Kostroma.

Day 7

Arrival in Kostroma (at around 05:00). Check-in. Breakfast. Sightseeing tour of the city including the Church in the Woods and to the Ipatiev Monastery. Lunch at a city restaurant. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 8

Breakfast. One-day trip to Yaroslavl (lunch and dinner are included). Sightseeing tour of the city. Visit to the Church of St.Elias the Prophet. Transfer to the train station. The overnight train to St.Petersburg.

Day 9

Arrival in St.Petersburg. Breakfast downtown. Sightseeing tour of the city, including the Peter & Paul Cathedral, the burial place of the Romanovs beginning with Peter I. Lunch at a city restaurant. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 10

Breakfast. The tour of the Hermitage Museum. Lunch at a city restaurant. Afternoon visits to: the House of Peter the Great (the city’s first dwelling house), the Summer Palace of Peter the Great, the Russian Emperor Paul’s Castle. Dinner at a city restaurant.

Day 11

Breakfast. Trip to Pavlovsk for the tour of the Paul’s Palace and the park (a great place to walk, especially in winter). Lunch in Pushkin. The tour of the Alexander’s Palace. Return to Pavlovsk for a farewell dinner at the Podvorye restaurant known for excelent Russian food and folk show. Return to the hotel.

Day 12

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure.

The price of the tour is quoted by request.