White days

Our arguments in favor of the winter trips to St. Petersburg:

All the hotels, restaurants, and museums of the city as well as the celebrated theaters will open their doors wide for you.

You won’t feel rushed as you may during the high season in summer standing in long queues to enter museums, and force your way through the crowds of people in the streets.

You will be plunged in the lively atmosphere of the city, and will enjoy the opportunity to make a quiet, detailed and thorough acquaintance with the city, its culture and traditions.

For the space of 300 years St. Petersburg has been traditionally the center of the cultural and high life of the country. It’s during this period that the outstanding first nights, celebrated St. Petersburg balls, and exhibitions were held.

It’s during winter when the two annual world famous art festivals, recently revived, with the best ballet stars casting – “Art Square” Musical Festival and The International Ballet Festival at the Mariinsky Theatre- are traditionally held in the city.

If you are interested in the political, social and professional life of the city and its inhabitants, in their everyday life winter is the right time for you to conceive the spirit and the soul of the city.
At last you will meet the true Petersburgers, see the routine sedate rhythms of their life, while in summer St. Petersburg citizens try to get away from the city to their country houses avoiding the bustle of the city.

No doubt winter is the best time for arranging   conferences, seminars and incentive tours.

The most superb palaces, conference halls, and catering companies will make you rather advantageous offers. Thus, in winter we can offer you a high quality product at the new attractive price.

And what is most important, you will visit the splendid city, with the population of   many millions, that is situated so close to the Polar Circle, and as far north as Alaska and Greenland.

You will see the snowy wonder with the walls of the buildings and columns covered with snow dust, and the grilles of the gardens forming an intricate white lacework.

It should be seen with your own eyes for once in your life.
We invite you to visit St. Petersburg in winter, and hope that this trip will be an unforgettable experience for you.